Below are a few pieces of my work, please contact me if you have any questions or if you want to see more work I have done.

River Island

I had the pleasure of building River Islands spring/summer 2016 launch homepage. I decided to use JQuery ‘slide up’ animations once the page loaded and certain images overlapped and scrolled into the users viewport. I also added in a pop up youtube player to show customers the spring/summer launch promo video. Below is a screenshot before the fold of the Spring Summer home page :

River Island Spring Summer 16

Below are a few of my personal favourite pages which I built whilst working at River Island:


JQuery gallery slider:

See the Pen Gallery Slider by Levi Strange (@LeviStrange) on CodePen.0

‘Zoom’ on image:

See the Pen Zoom on image by Levi Strange (@LeviStrange) on CodePen.0

Responsive email template:

See the Pen Responsive email template by Levi Strange (@LeviStrange) on CodePen.0

Please check out my CodePen for more!

Vital Detox Retreats

I built this page from scratch using custom themes in WordPress. I implemented a custom CMS for my client, giving her a solution which is customised perfectly for her needs.

Vital Detox Retreats Home Page